The Los Angeles City College Foundation provides scholarships and career networking opportunities for LACC students. Having financial support helps students achieve their educational endeavors.

All scholarships and opportunities are provided by the generosity of independent donors, LACC alumni and the campus community (varying in amounts, due dates and eligibility requirements). To apply, you must create an LACC Foundation scholarship account and fill out ONE online application.

LACC Foundation scholarships are available during the fall and spring semesters only.

Fall 2024 Support

Information on Fall 2024 applications and awards will be available in August 2024. There are currently no awards available for the summer semester. You can still find general information on the application process below.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

To access available scholarships you must set up an online account with the LACC Foundation. Log in or create an account below.

Note: We highly recommend using a desktop when applying for scholarships. Please use Google Chrome browser for the best experience. 

First time applying for LACC Foundation Scholarships?

If so, create a username and password, please save your log in information in a secure location for future reference. If you are experiencing technical issues logging in please email us at [email protected]

Note: We highly recommend using a personal email address (ex. Gmail) and not your student email address ([email protected]).

Create Scholarship Account Here

Required Documents for Scholarship Application

Don’t know how? Click here to learn how to download them

The class schedule must show that you are currently enrolled in classes at LACC. Classes at other schools in the district do not contribute to your unit count.

Don’t know how? Click here to learn how to download your class schedule

If applicable, download a copy of your unemployment status and upload it with your application

What does that look like? Click here to learn how to find your financial aid summary in your SIS portal.

The photo should be in passport photo style.



The LACC Foundation provides a single online application that will show all the available scholarships.

You can upload a downloaded copy of your BOG Fee Waiver or upload a PDF file stating why you are not receiving Financial Aid. Please include details about your financial situation (employment status, household dependents, etc).

International students can apply but residents are prioritized.

Yes, but majority of scholarships require students to be full-time (12 units minimum) and have already completed at least 12 units at LA City College only.

Yes, you may qualify for other scholarships that have a lower GPA requirement. We only have one application for all available scholarships, if you do not meet the criteria for a particular scholarship you may qualify for at least one other.

Some of the scholarships are for specific groups (nursing students, the unemployed, Guardian Scholars Program, OSS, etc.) requiring additional information.

After the deadline, applications will be reviewed by the LACC Scholarship Committee. There is no guaranteed date when candidates will be awarded. Awardees will be notified when the process is finalized. Please double check your contact information in your LACC Foundation scholarship student account to receive updates on your application status.

Merit-based scholarships are based on prior academic performance. Other criteria includes leadership, community engagement, geographical background, ethnicity, intended major and career goals. Please carefully read the eligibility requirements for each scholarship.

To be eligible for need-based LACC Foundation scholarships, you must attach a copy of your Need Summary from your SIS Portal. The attachments must show “Remaining Need” for the current school year. The financial aid office determines the cost of attendance and your financial need. If you are determined to have financial need, you may be eligible for some need-based scholarships (if you do not have this form available, attach a document stating why you do not have Financial Aid and what is your financial need based on living and school expenses).

Each scholarship has different requirements. The recipient must meet all of the standard criteria required for the scholarship, but must also distinguish themselves from the rest of the applicants. If you are interested in being awarded a specific scholarship, read about that scholarship to determine what exactly the scholarship donor is looking for and emphasize your relevant qualities in your essay.

Yes, The LACC Foundations reports your award information to the Financial Aid Office. The LACC Financial Aid office will adjust your unmet financial need accordingly.