Whether it is to launch a new career, increase their earning potential, or discover a new talent, thousands of lives every year are improved by an education at LACC. The LACC Foundation is here to break down the barriers that prevent students from reaching their full potential.

The Foundation offers support to students in the form of merit and need-based scholarships, course support, and direct programming. Over 19,000 students a year benefit from the wide variety of assistance offered. Whether it is a laptop grant or food assistance, the Foundation is here to help.

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Foundation Programs

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Food insecurity threatens a student’s ability to succeed and stay in school. The LACC Foundation provides food support services for individuals and families in need, and attempts minimize or eliminate stigma by seamlessly integrating those services into typical campus operations.

LACC Foundation’s Food for Thought program provides the following food support services for students:

  • The weekly Pop-Up Food Pantry
  • Food support for LACC campus and community events
  • Emergency Food Aid (grocery gift cards)

Donations and grants to the LACC Foundation Food for Thought program allow us to support LACC students, reduce their barriers to academic success and completion and enable our students to focus on their futures, not their hunger.

The President’s Scholar designation is the highest honor for graduating high school seniors entering Los Angeles City College (LACC). This program allows high-achieving students to complete their two-year transferable college courses debt-free.

President's Scholar at the Presidential investiture


  • Full support for academic needs, including two years of tuition based on full-time enrollment and academic performance.
  • LACC Foundation covers tuition or $500 per semester for those maintaining a 3.5 GPA or higher.
  • Additional perks include a laptop, campus parking or Metro GoPass, and free admission to cultural events.
  • Exclusive campus orientation and annual reception with the college president.
  • Membership in the Ralph Bunche Scholars Program.


  • Graduating high school seniors who are California residents and attend LACC feeder high schools.
  • Minimum GPA of 3.75.
  • Application includes a personal statement (approximately 600 words) and a letter of recommendation from a high school counselor.
  • Applications are available at the LACC Foundation office and online here.
Guardian Scholars Logo

The Guardian Scholars Program at Los Angeles City College is a comprehensive support initiative dedicated to empowering current and former foster youth to achieve their academic and career goals. The program provides a wide range of services designed to address the unique challenges faced by foster youth, ensuring they have the resources and support necessary to succeed in their educational pursuits.

Guardian Scholars at an Interview Workshop

Key Features:

  • Academic Support: Personalized academic counseling, tutoring, and assistance with educational planning.
  • Financial Aid Guidance: Help with navigating financial aid processes, scholarships, and grants specifically available for foster youth.
  • Career Development: Access to career counseling, job placement services, and internship opportunities.
  • Personalized Mentorship: One-on-one mentoring relationships to provide emotional support, guidance, and encouragement.
  • Community Building: Opportunities to connect with other students in the program, fostering a sense of community and belonging.
  • Resource Referrals: Assistance in accessing housing, transportation, healthcare, and other essential services.

The Guardian Scholars Program aims to create a nurturing and supportive environment where foster youth can thrive academically and personally, empowering them to build a brighter future.

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The Foundation will sometimes offer additional emergency assistance, equipment grants, and other support as needed. This is provided on a one-off basis and is no guarantee of future programming.

At this time, there are no other services available.