Students with Ira Rosen

Emmy Award-Winning “60 Minutes” Producer Ira Rosen visits LA City College

On March 7, the Los Angeles City College Foundation (LACCF) hosted the Nick Beck Investigative Journalism Lecture Series, headlined by renowned producer Ira Rosen at Los Angeles City College’s (LACC) Morgan Freeman Theater.  

The afternoon started with welcoming remarks by Dr. Lisa Nashua, Executive Director of LACCF, followed by an introduction from LACC Journalism Professor Rhonda Guess. Mr. Rosen began by expressing his passion for storytelling and discussed the lasting impact of his involvement in “60 Minutes” reflecting the profound influence journalism can have on society.  

LACC Journalism students conducted an insightful interview about his notable 20-year career in television and film.  

During the interactive Q&A session, Rosen shared insights from his journey in the television and film industry. He emphasized the power of utilizing portable devices like the iPhone for storytelling and creating impactful video content. He recognized that expensive camera equipment is not essential for capturing and unraveling a story.  

Rosen spoke candidly about the role of fear in journalism, encouraging aspiring storytellers to recognize it as a motivator and step out of their comfort zones when finding the truth. His daring perspective resonated with the audience, inspiring them to approach their craft with courage and determination.  

Rosen stressed the significance of investing time in understanding the context of a story, mentioning the importance of gaining trust to uncover authentic narratives.  

The Nick Beck Endowment for Investigative Journalism made this event supporting aspiring journalists possible. Learn more about Ways to Give